English Day every Saturday in Bloof


Now I will try to write a post in English for give an appreciate to English Day In Bloof  .. (if you found the wrong sentence  in this post, i am sorry. OK ^_^)

Ok, let’s do it... my name is Aulia Rahman, my blog is http://auraman88.blogspot.com  and you can follow me on my tweet in http://twitter.com/241_auraman and you can add my YM (aulia_smilee) and we can share and communication about blog, programming or problem.

This is my first post with English, because we make a role in our blog community where every member must using English every Saturday but no problem if you still using bahasa but don’t angry if are there some member who talk to you like this Today is english day ”  haha..

Don’t scary and panic about this program, because it’s just for fun like play and study. So in Bloof Community we can learn more not blogging only but you can study about friendship, blogging, programming, technical of writing, and English.

So, for me Bloof Community is amazing community and will be a great community in Indonesia and the world and we have a big dream where in some day Bloof Community will be better than Facebook  ^_^ .

If you want to join with us you can visit our Facebook in Blog of Friendship (Bloof) and our Official Website in http://bloofers.org, bloof is very available to anyone that have the same hobby with us but it should be noted that in Bloof was more concerned with friendship and family than one other.

Finally this is my simple posting in english but i am sorry if you found more wrong sentence. It’s just study so please correct this post ^_^ .

Thank You  and Salam Bloofers.

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28 Responses to English Day every Saturday in Bloof

  1. learning by doing ya kak. hhee..
    bahasa akan bisa sangat kita pahami ketika kita pakai terus. eh komennya malah ga pake english. i'm so sorry #msh kurang mahir #blushing
    bloof emang ciamiiiikkkk :D

  2. auraman says:

    @Irma -> mengejar ketertinggalan postingan ni mbak haha

  3. csdaties says:

    waw..amazing ya!
    sy sendiri gak pernah PD bikin postingan in english, haha...
    saluuutt buat aul ^^d

  4. tangan pegang kamus , mata lirik ma mr.google berusaha terjemahanin apa yang kaka cakep posting ...^_^

  5. Unknown says:

    i just wanna say,,bloofers is the best,,why??
    first, bloofers always act the friendship better than a friends,,,
    second, the ones of many group active in commucation each others,,,
    third, there a benefit programs in saturday to increase the member in talking english,
    congratulations to bloofers,,,wish bloofers be the best,,forever

  6. Unknown says:

    maen kesini...eh malah english2an ya,

    Hi mr. aurahman, glad to know your post, luph bloof so much, ^____^

  7. Armae says:

    Whaowww.. amazing.!!!
    I have no bravery yet to write some post in english on my blog. Need to learn much more, and hope this program --english day in bloof would teach me to be better.

    Nice post Mas Aul :D

  8. Unknown says:


    Absolutely great job! It can be an example for other members of Bloofers.

    No matter how great our knowledges in using English, It still no use if we don't have courage and bravery to start writing in English...

    I really appreciate it, Mr. Aul...

    You Rock!! :D

    Ok, then I'll try write a blog post in English too later... :)

  9. ga mudeng, jadi cenat cenut

  10. auraman says:

    It's just simple sample my friend ^_^

  11. auraman says:

    Why Miss Rima haha :D

  12. Mohon pencerahan mengenai waktu pelaksanaan English Day nya dunk kaaang...
    Katanya satu hari penuuh.. Tapi katanya cuma sampai ba'da ashar.. Yang bener yang mana yah??

  13. auraman says:

    @Rusdah -> hahaha, kamu teh hanya sampai maghrib saja english day nya :D

  14. It's an awkward moment when you said that 'saturday is the English day, but you made it on Friday"...Anyway, it's Ok...Actually, i would like to make an english post, but i don't want my college friend to read my blog... LOL ... :D

  15. Unknown says:

    english day.....
    waktunya ngasah bahasa inggris yang udah gak karu karuan grammernya.... :D

  16. Meutia says:

    god joob...like this yoo.keep fighting friend

  17. duh saya gakbisa b.inggris )_(

  18. so fun when English Day come in Bloof, but I still afraid to post something with English in my Blog..
    *sorry for bad sentence

  19. Cenzha says:

    wah wah waaah xD

  20. Watashi wa nipponsei komento o kaita
    Konran masu Aulia watashi ga hon'yaku shimashou

  21. Muantaaaap.... I like this post.

  22. dan akhirnya saya cuman bisa berkata WAW,,,,

  23. I get interested to join the group! :D

    I regularly write post in english, in my second primary blog diniehz.blog.com.

    Woow, it's great to know that there's such an interesting group. Wanna joiiiin...

  24. auraman says:

    let do it, sist. Bloofers is always opened for everybody :D

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